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The Caribbean region is currently going through a period of growth in several sectors of the varied economies of the individual islands. This is especially true with the expanding tourism industry. The burgeoning tourist trade, with its associated world-class resorts, marinas, golf courses and restaurants, has spurred growth in other facets of the economies of the islands. Food consumption is up. So is the need for new hotels and restaurants, increasing demands on the construction industry. Climate change is also spurring an increase in investments in renewable energy. Having the right business development team representing and working for you is crucial to achieving commercial success. RBC is your solution.

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The islands of The Caribbean, including Cuba, with a population in excess of 34 million, stretches from the southern tip of Florida and extends eastwards and south towards Trinidad, just north or the South American mainland.

The region holds tremendous growth opportunities for businesses looking to expand their footprint throughout the island chain. Whether you're in food production and distribution or renewable energy, the Caribbean presents opportunities that you cannot ignore.


We're in the business of representing your interests. Looking to expand into a new country? We can facilitate that. How about introducing a new product? That too! What about being positioned to bid on contracts? We'll help smooth the way. And your country's commercial interests? Certainly. The point is; we're at your disposal.


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