Our wide range of services also include regulatory compliance, crisis management, product sourcing and advertising services. Leveraging over two decades of knowledge and experience in North America, we bring to our clients a depth of invaluable global expertise unmatched in the Caribbean region.


RBC is committed to our business partners and clients, offering a range of services designed to grow their businesses in this emerging market. Whether you're a manufacturer or grower looking to introduce your product(s) or expand its presence in the region, or a local governmental agency seeking to revitalize your country's agricultural industry, or a supplier looking to strengthen your logistics and distribution network, our depth of knowledge, diversity of services and years of experience are combined to produce successful tangible results for you.

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Our primary focus is a devotion to the success of our clients and business partners. We take it upon ourselves the responsibility of ensuring that their products are properly managed, well-displayed and receive the best favorable coverage and display. We also work to ensure that our clients are featured front and center and have a seat at the table whenever new business opportunities present themselves.


RBC is the premier Caribbean business development and product management company committed to bringing brand value to our partners and our clients. In addition to providing well-informed advice to our clients and partners, our customized solutions include sales, retail merchandising, and marketing services. We service a variety of trade channels. When you partner with RBC, you get (i) the best people in the business with decades of experience; (ii) an unshakeable commitment to your brand and products; (iii) delivery of services centered around both the client and customer; (iv) a winning culture.

Who We Are

RBC Group (RBC) is a Business Development, Brand Management, Supply Chain & Global Trade Consulting company specializing in the Foodservice/Food & Beverage industries, helping our clients achieve commercial success in the Caribbean and beyond.

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